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Re: Questions of Various Kinds

One more for you Rachel...
> 10) Has the sauropod discovered with _Afrovenator_ been named yet?

Yes and no.  It's probably the same sauropod as that named 
_Rebbachisaurus tamesesnsis_ by de Lapparent back in 1960.  But this 
  (a) does not belong to the same genus as _Rebbachisaurus 
garasbae_, or even the same family as the type species (_garasbae_ is 
some kind of diplodocoid, the new sauropod is a camarasaurid);
  (b) de Lapparent's 1960 description of _R. tamesnensis_ was 
apparently inadequate, so it is a nomen dubium.  (This was thrashed 
out in a recent volume of _Science_.) 
According to Paul Sereno and co., a new name is needed.