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Re: Questions of Various Kinds

George Olshevsky wrote:

> Brachiosaurus
> ?B. atalaiensis de Lapparent & Zbyszewski, 1957
> ?B. nougaredi de Lapparent, 1960

These two are _nomina dubia_ - Brachiosauridae indet.  
Since I would agree that _Giraffatitan_ is a distinct genus from 
_Brachiosaurus_, I see only one valid _Brachiosaurus_ species - the 
type, _B. altithorax_.

> A skull recently identified as that of a North American
> brachiosaurid (perhaps Brachiosaurus altithorax: K. Carpenter,
> pers. comm.) from the Morrison Formation differs significantly in
> morphology from that attributed to Giraffatitan brancai

Intriguing.  Care to elaborate?

> ?Apatosaurus minimus Mook, 1917
> = Atlantosaurus minimus (Mook, 1917) Steel, 1970
> NOTE: The above species probably represents a new genus of cetiosaurid
> (McIntosh, 1990).

I believe McIntosh (1990) also speculated that _"A." minimus_ could 
be a titanosaurid.