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bonsai dinosaurs

 From an article on "Death by Spaghetti" by Paul Sussman in this weeks
Big Issue (magazine for the homeless in the UK).  On page 46 there is
an article about dinosaurs.  The following is taken directly from the

  "Mr Kim Boo Yuk placed adverts in a newspaper claiming that using
  "Jurassic Park technology", he had bred a selection of "prehistoric
  pygmy monsters" which were now for sale.  Reaction was immediate,
  with over 200 transactions in the first week, including 86
  Tyrannosaurus rexes, 60 Pterodactyls and one man-eating mollusc.
  "My husband gave me a Stegosaurus for our anniversary," said one
  woman.  "I cried with joy."  Mr Boo Yuk looked set for fame and
  fortune, and it was only when the dwarf carnivores displayed a
  predilection for sunflower seeds over raw meat that it was
  discovered they were actually gerbils concealed within India-rubber
  dinosaur outfits.  "I knew something was wrong when I noticed my
  Velociraptor had whiskers, admitted one customer.""