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Re: Questions of Various Kinds

From: "Tim Williams" <T.Williams@cclru.randwick.unsw.edu.au>

 > All in the eye of the beholder.  ...  In _Predatory 
 > Dinosaurs of the World_ Greg Paul asserts that there were two 
 > sympatric species, and calls the gracile allosaur _A. fragilis_ and 
 > the more robust species _A. atrox_ (after _Creosaurus atrox_).  The 
 > fact that the former is a much rarer species - it is unknown from the 
 > Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry - tends to support the idea of two distinct 
 > species.

To some degree.

However, it is not all that unheard of for males to be far less common
than females, so mere relativer rarity is not, per se, sufficient.

Now, the absence of the ?gracile morph at the Cleveland-Lloyd quarry
may be more significant, especially if that quarry really is as prolific
a source of allosaur remains as I seem to remember it being.

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