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Feathered isulation properties and other uses

Hello everyone,

Head, neck, and other feathers that seem useless to the flight process in
birds do much more than isulate. Shock absorption, from wind buffetting,
adding to stability. Also to silence flight in predators such as owls.
Sensory input more refined than skin hair, oh I could go on, but what's the
point? The feathers that add nothing to the power of flight offer many
subtle enhancements.

Feathers vs Hair:

Wolves have hollow hair, as do caribu, which works very well to hold heat
loss to a minimum. How many creatures have such hair I have no idea. Do
these hollow hairs work "better" than feathers? Penquins would be a good
example to compare to any hair insulated creature, let's say an otter. Do
the sea birds use more calories staying warm than a simmalr size otter?
Would we find a "difference" in the methods of edothermic metabolisim,
something like the mamilian diving response?

As interesting as all this is, the BADD/BCF debate II, without a new series
of discovories in the fossil record the debate could continue for a long
time. Can we come to the understanding that there is much yet to be
learned? By all means carry on, but keep in mind not sll of the jigaw
puzzle parts are on the table.