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Re: Feathers, insulators, reasons for both

In a message dated 96-10-09 20:54:44 EDT, znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu (Jonathan R.
Wagner) writes:

>  Your theories get bogged down in trying to synthesize
> conflicting evidence, often relying heavily on assumptions which have not
> been tested, and for which thre is no corroborating evidence other than the
> theory in question.   True, they tend to fit the data (being inherently
> flexible theories). 

BADD is the theory that is currently bogged down. It is bogged down trying to
figure out how large, flightless, short-forelimbed dinosaurs turned into
small, volant, long-forelimbed birds, and it is bogged down trying to figure
out why >all< the birdlike dinosaurs appear in the fossil record millions of
years after their supposed descendants. BADD makes no predictions about the
fossil record at all, let alone testable ones; it just sits there like a
formless lump, "awaiting more input," with neither system nor structure.
Going up against BADD theory is like battling poi with a baseball bat. It's
time for dinosaurology to ditch the BADD tar-baby in which it has been stuck
for the past few decades and create a living, breathing theoretical model for
dinosaur and bird evolution that makes functional sense and is not a
strung-together system of _ad hoc_ hypotheses.