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Need a copy of "Predatory Dinosaurs ..." ???

To all:

OK, I've been searching for GSP's "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" for over
a year now, and via a book search company I've finally found a copy!  Visit
these search companies' websites and send them lists of the books you're
looking for ... they're finding all of the out-of-print dinosaur books I
asked for very quickly.  I bet they'll find whichever copies of "Predatory
Dinosaurs ..." are still floating around in used book stores.

http://users.southeast.net/~tappinbm/ [Tappin Book Mine]
http://books.nomius.com [Chapter One Books]
http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~arcbooks/home.htm [ARC Books]

Good luck to any others looking for rare dino books!

Rachel Clark