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Evidence for the Archaeopterygid-to-Neornithid Transition (ATONT)

To all:

 From what I have heard, a lot of paleornithological fossils have turned up
lately that support the BADD theory (Birds are dinosaur descendants) or, as I
like to put it, the archaeopterygid-to-neornithid transition (ATONT).  I am
writing an essay about this sort of stuff for class (but not a very serious
one), and to make me sound more authoritative, I would like to be able to
list the names of all of these avians and the basic anatomical features that
support ATONT.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, what can be said about the relationship between dromaeosaurs and
archaeopterygids?  And, speaking of Archie, what is the present status of
_Archaeopteryx bavarica_?

Thanks a bunch.

Rachel Clark