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Relationship between sauropod neck length and size of skull

To all:

I had this notion a while back that I would like to share.

Looking at restorations of sauropod skeletons, it always seemed to me that
the longer the neck was, the smaller the head is, and vice versa.  If this is
true (a study on this would be most interesting), what kind of relationship
does that incur?  Does it have to do with the pumping of the blood?  Perhaps,
because pumping blood up such a long neck as, say, Mamenchisaurus's, must
take a lot of effort, and if the head is as small as possible, then the brain
is comparably small and the minimum amout of blood must be pumped up the
neck.  Likewise, Camarasaurus seems to have a relatively short neck (for
sauropods) and a comparatively large head.

Just a thought.

Rachel Clark