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Sauropod Feeding Stance [joke.... I think -- MR]

Clearly, based on the build of sauropods, they turned rapidly in a circle,
mowing down trees, cycads and other shrubberies with their extended necks
and tails.  Then they calmly grazed on the macerated mesozoic mess.  As one
circular area was cleared, they would move forward and begin anew.

All we need to find is a trackway that looks like this:

    ******                                   ******
   ********  *     *      *      *      *   ********      *    *     *
   ********                                 *********    
   ********     *      *     *       *      ********         *     *     *
    ******                                   ******

In this manner, provided that their rotational speed was not excessive,
adequate circulation would be maintained to the brain even if the head was
elevated slightly.  This avoids some of the problems with the required blood
pressure necessary to permit elevating the head above the heart.

An additional benefit is that the food stuff would be pre-broken, requiring
less chewing and possibly just bolting the greenery down.  Hence the poorly
developed dentition in most sauropods.

Other evidence of this behavior would be leaf and limb beds in narrow
stratigraphic ranges.

Whether they had feathers or not is immaterial to this hypothesis.

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