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Dino feathers discovered!!!!

Dear All,
Sometimes in life providence smiles on us all.  Here is the content of
yesterdays private e-mail exchange between me and Phil Currie.  I am just
waiting for the "I told you so messages".

Original Text
 From Paul Davis on 10/9/96 7:01 PM:
Dear Phil,

The Japanese media have taken a big interest in this story- can you provide
me with any further details than what I have below (which comes from their
sources). They have been on the phone all morning - but probably to a much
greater extent with you!

Upper Triassic Dinosaur from China (near Confuciusornis locality - Liaoning
Prov.).  Preserved with feathers.


Original Text from Phillip Currie:

Hi Paul: It is a neat story. And the specimen is quite spectacular. 
Actually though,  the specimen is lowermost Cretaceous (new radiometric 
dates) although some of the Chinese researchers believe the beds are 
uppermost Jurassic. The beds are the same that are producing all of the 
Confuciusornis specimens (including the ones with feathers). The little 
dino is almost certainly a compsognathid and the feathers are relatively 
short, preserved mostly along the neck and back with very short ones (which 
actually look more like scales near the vent) along the top and the bottom 
of the tail. The beds that produce these fossils are lacustrine, but have a 
high content of volcanic ash. Fortunately, I have been away, so I haven't 
heard a peep from the media. And in a few days I will be off to the SVP.

All the best, Philip