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Big upper jaw

        Last week I ran into a picture of a large upper jaw in a book I
was flipping through in the bookstore. It struck me as being part of a
sauropod- and it certainly is, in fact, reptilian- but it isn't a
sauropod, since I looked up the age of the rocks in the region, and they
turn out to be Tertiary.
        What is present of the jaw is about 28" long and 2' wide, bearing
roughly thirty tooth sockets. I'll have to agree with what the AMNH
thought upon viewing pictures of the thing- it is in fact a crocodile. The
apparent absence of any nostrils was one of the things that let me to
suspect otherwise, but they must be obscured under matrix. If I'd noticed
the first time around that the book mentioned Colbert had seen it, I would
have been a little slower to jump to conclusions. 
        I was hoping this belonged to some absurdly huge sauropod, but
that's not the case. Anyhow, I did find out what happened to the fossil-
it's down in Pucallpa, Peru, apparently, sitting in somebody's house.
        I'll revise my guess and say that, seeing as the site is from the
Amazon basin, that this _could_ be a fragment of the giant Brazilian
caiman Purrusaurus. 

        -Nick Longrich