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Re: Sauropod Feeding Stance [joke.... I think -- MR]

Michael Sternberg wrote:

> Clearly, based on the build of sauropods, they turned rapidly in a circle,
> mowing down trees, cycads and other shrubberies with their extended necks
> and tails.  Then they calmly grazed on the macerated mesozoic mess.  As one
> circular area was cleared, they would move forward and begin anew.

     WAIT!  If they turned around fast enough, like helicopter blades, 
they might become airbourne!!  BADD and BCF are BOTH crocks!
     Seriously, objections to rearing sauropods focusing on the 
problems of getting blood to the brain ignore sauropods like 
Brachiosaurus and Omeiosaurus, who had very long necks but were 
habitually carrying them upright, so obviously there are ways of 
circumventing this problem.

LN Jeff
"I've never seen a pierced brain before."