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Re: Big upper jaw

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Nick Longrich wrote:

>       Last week I ran into a picture of a large upper jaw in a book I
> was flipping through in the bookstore. It struck me as being part of a
> sauropod- and it certainly is, in fact, reptilian- but it isn't a
> sauropod, since I looked up the age of the rocks in the region, and they
> turn out to be Tertiary.

>       I'll revise my guess and say that, seeing as the site is from the
> Amazon basin, that this _could_ be a fragment of the giant Brazilian
> caiman Purrusaurus. 

ThePaleoWorld show on the Learning Channelhad a thing about crocs last
week. They illustratred the huge jaw you speak of and with the
conventional hype, showed first a large croc then a much larger oine from
Peru. It should replay before long if anyone is interested.

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