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September issue of JVP (partial review)

I finally got around to reading my September JVP
(Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology).  This month's 
issue was somewhat disappointing in my (admittedly
highly biased) opinion as it had only 3 dinosaur articles.

Probably the most interesting was Bennett's pterosaur lumper paper.  
It is a re-examination of the Solnhofen pterosaurs, subjecting
them to a new statistical analysis of various morphological
features.  Bennett lumps the previous 7 species of rhamphorhynchoids
into 2, and the previous 11 species of pterodactyloids into 5 --
in other words, lumping 18 species into 7.  If Bennett if correct,
the will force a rethinking of pterosaur evolution, and may have
an impact on some of the issue being discussed now on this list.
Unfortunately, Bennett left it at that and did not venture to
present a new proposed pterosaur cladogram.  I am looking forward
to all the pterosaur discussion that's supposed to take place at SVP
next week!

Next is a description of the new Argentinian Iguanodontian
by Corai and Salgado (the same folks who brought you _Giganotosaurus_).

Finally, there is a note by Chure and Madsen about finding a
definite furcula in an allosaurid.  Not sure if this changes
any current ideas about theropod evolution.

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