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RE: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?

Wagner writes

>>When one considers the high browsers of today (i.e. elephants and giraffes)
>> one occasionally sees them rearing to reach high branches.  However, this
>> is not their primary mode of feeding.
>        both of these are animals with long front legs, and their behavior
>is not necessarily analougus to that of short fore-legged high browsers.

In terms of energy conservation, the two groups (elephants and sauropods)
 would face the same problems.  Perhaps there may be an exception or two
 because of differing skeletal engineering, but I still hold that the animal
 wouldn't want to habitually feed in a tripod stance.

To answer Stan's comment about his rearing gazelle, I concede that there may
 be behavioral exeptions at the species level (especially for the smaller
 sauropods, where the energy lost by rearing would be regained a la mode by
 the food source), but this behavior wouldn't be common to the group.

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

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