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Translation and Pronunciation Guides

   Announcing the new and improved Translation and Pronunciation Guide
volume of The DOL Dinosaur Omnipedia.

   Joining the Dinosauria guide are two new guides:  Aves and Pterosauria.
A fourth guide, Reptilia, will soon follow.

   These guides, written by Ben Creisler, give detailed etymologies and
pronunciations for known dinosaur, pterosaur, bird and mesozoic reptile
genera, important species, and related taxon.  Most not only include what
the name means, but who named them, when, and *why* they chose that name.
Many (someday to be all) entries include sound files that add a spoken
pronunciation to the printed one on the screen.

   Brought to you by Dinosauria On-Line at http://www.dinosauria.com, The
DOL Omnipedia includes, in addition to the guides, a paleontological term
dictionary, an anatomical dictionary with pictures, a "type" term
dictionary, maps of ancient earth, a complete listing of the names and dates
of the geologic time periods, and The Dinosaur Mailing List Dinosaur Genera

   All for free, of course.

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