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Just in is the next _Dinosaur Collector's Club
Newsletter_. Unfortunately it's a special about stamps, so it's
destined not to be read. No comments warranted.

_However_, free with it was one of Steve Jackson's game cards. What's
the game called, 'Dino Hunt' is it? Very impressive - mine is of an
_Oviraptor_ and has a nicely coloured illustration by Pat Ortega. Info
good and up to date, and the format is superb. In the covering letter,
Steve says that there will be new sets bought out to cover new
dinosaurs (he unfortunately misspelt _Carcharodontosaurus_ though). I
heartily recommend and, Steve, do I get commission?:)

I've now seen photos of a new, 3-d, fully articulated _Oviraptor_
specimen (were they in _National Geographic_?). I take it Norell et
al. are sitting on this one 'till they're ready to publish. Has anyone
asked them?


Don Lessem's book is finally appearing in the bookshops over here (at
last). I bought it because it's full of Dave Peters' fantastic
illustrations. They are *amazing*. In the rather annoying 'about the
author' bit at the back, two other Lessem books are referred to -
'Troodon: the smarmiest dinosaur' and 'Ornithomimids: the fastest
dinosaurs'. Are these illustrated by Dave too? (Do understand that's
the only reason I bought 'Raptors').

Of course, having bought a book about extant predatory birds, I was
rather disappointed to find it filled instead with Cretaceous
theropods;) (and even more confusing is that 'Raptors', a book that
*is* about predatory birds, uses the same typeface that everyone
writing about dinosaurs does....... We owe it all to the lettering of
'Jurassic Park').

"Perhaps I can find new ways to _motivate_ them"