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Arundel Dinos en Route to the SVP Meeting!

Hello everyone. 
It is very interesting to note that with only a couple of days to go before
the start of the SVP annual meeting in New York that no one has mentioned, it
as far as I can tell.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend. However a
selection of  fossils from my collecting activities will be available for
scrutiny to those who might be interested.  My colleague, Dr. Peter Kranz
will be there to show them to interested persons. And while many of these
fossils were presented by me last June during the NAPC, there are a couple of
Theropod teeth that are new to the collection  ( found in the lst couple of
months) including a large (by Maryland standards) Tyrannosaur -like
(Acrocanthosaurus?) premaxillary tooth that I would like the theropod experts
to have a look at.  There will also be a sample of amber,  ornithomimid
digital elements, crocodile teeth (allegedly 'Goniopholid') , Astrodon teeth
and Priconodon teeth of various sizes and degrees of wear. There is also a
smll selection of hybodont material. 
Ina ddition Peter will have casts of material that he has found and which
appears in Weishampel and Young's "Dinosaurs of the East Coast". These
include the very enigmatic tooth that has ceratopsian,  tenontosaur, and/or
hypsilophodon affinities and the cnemial crest of "advanced" ornithomimid
 and which I believe is part and parcel a related component of the
ornithomimid material independantly recovered by me. Check em' out!
This is but a very small percentage of the total amount of material collected
over the last few years by myself and I invite everyone who is attending to
have a look at fossils from the last known site of early Cretaceous age in
Maryland .I would certainly appreciate any questions or comments upon your

Oh well back to the books....

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies