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Australian dinosaur fossil theft

The news this morning carried the story of the illegal removal of a pair of
_Stegosaurus_ footprints from an Aboriginal sacred site near Broome in
northern Western Australia (approx. 1700 km NNE of Perth).

This pair is unique since they are to only evidence for the presence of
_Stegosaurus_ in Australia.

Their removal has caused distress to the local Aboriginal community and the
custodian of the sacred site now fears spiritual retribution against him
and/or his family.

The thieves have shown a callous disregard for the beliefs and customs of
the local people.  Possession of these footprints in Australia is a Federal
offence.  Export of these footprints is a Federal offence.

Australian Federal Police have shown a willingness to persue (even
overseas) and prosecute those it considered to be involed in the illegal
removal and export of fossils from Australia.

If anyone has any infomation about _Stegosaur_ footprints becoming
available for sale please contact Dr. Ken McNamara of the Western
Australian Museum (mcnamk@muswa.dialix.oz.au).


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