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Re: flapping from gliding (long)


Thanks for your well thought out response to my posting.  Your clear
elucidations of your arguments are enlightening and persuasive, and I
appreciate it.  In fact I am rather enjoying this discussion.

This thread has gotten too long for me to continue to try to rebut your
every argument, point-by-point.  Rather, I will let this thread stand
as is for now, until I can come up with new arguments.  I still believe
the origin of flight of both birds and pterosaurs was cursorial rather
than arboreal.

Hopefully, there will be some additional light shed on at least
the pterosaur issue in a few days at SVP.  The bird issue might
be settled by some key discoveries, such as a clearly feathered
theropod specimen (like the one just found in China??)

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