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Dino Art

The fall colors have put me in an imaginative mood:

Does anyone know about the state of angiosperm development in the Late
 Cretaceous?  More importantly, is it possible that the species that lived
 near the poles could have dropped their leaves (like the maple outside my
 window)?  I was thinking that if the answer to both questions was "yes,"
 then someone could do a painting of a Late-K dinosaur in an autumn setting,
 with the leaves changing colors all around it (I'm thinking that
 fall-colors would complement T. rex quite well).  Since my drawing skills
 are atrocious, I thought I would post the concept to the group; in case
 there is a dino-artist looking for inspiration.

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"If anything is going to go wrong, it'll happen at maximum velocity."
                        -Red Green