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Something screwy happened to the machine housing the dinosaur list at
USC last Saturday morning.  The subscriber file and some of the
outgoing mail got zorched.  I think listproc was in the middle of
distributing digests when the machine died, so at least some of you
probably didn't get them.  I'm afraid I have no easy way of sending
them to you, so I recommend you check the archives:


I just double-checked, and it appears that the archives have
everything I have, so anything that's missing there is permanently
missing.  For instance, I sent out a message late Friday night.  It
never got distributed.  I'm about to resend it.

The subscriber file was restored from a backup.  I'm not sure how old
the backup was, so if you thought you unsubscribed or otherwise
modified your subscription last week, you may have to redo it.
Anybody know how I can contact people who subscribed but are now no
longer on the list because of this?  Time machines, anyone :-)

My apologies for any inconvenience, but so far as I know I had nothing
to do with it.  (Actually last I heard it wasn't known why the machine
ran out of disk space, so all we can do is hope it doesn't happen

Unrelated to the above, those of you subscribed to the digest may have
noticed some weirdness in the way the digests have been coming to you
since the middle of last week.  As I mentioned previously, the digests
are now sent in MIME format.  If your mail readers are MIME compliant,
they can be configured to present the digests to you in different
ways.  I can't really help you with reconfiguring your mailers because
there are a lot of "mail user agents" out there, and I'm not familiar
with very many of them.  If you don't like the way the digests break
up or don't break up messages and/or headers, you should look through
the manuals for your mail reading software, or talk to someone local
who might help you with configuration of the reading of MIME
encapsulated mailing list digests.  Again, sorry for any
inconvenience, but in this case the inconvenience has a
name... progress.

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)