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I have to agree with the others, David. Your illustrations are
excellent.  On the subject of propatagia, which I hope I am correctly
identifying as the web of skin which you placed on the arms of the
various maniraptors in the book, I recently saw a life-size model
Deinonychus in a shop in New York which possessed this feature.  At the
time, I assumed that they were a necessary addition simply to physically
support the model's long arms, but now I'm curious -- were you
responsible for the sculpture, or is it coincidence/parallel evolution
of life-restorations?

To the rest of you folks (or at least those who remember me from my
rather infrequent postings), I'm ecstatic to report that I will at last
be able to attend SVP this year.  I won't get to the city until
Wednesday afternoon, but I'll be around for the rest of the week, having
gone without much sleep over the last few days in order to complete all
work due over the next seven days.  Hope to see some of you there!

-Daniel Lipkowitz

-undergraduate senior in search of a Ph.D.-