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Dino Hunt (was Re: DCC NEWSLETTER)

Darren Naish wrote:

>_However_, free with it was one of Steve Jackson's game cards. What's
>the game called, 'Dino Hunt' is it? Very impressive - mine is of an
>_Oviraptor_ and has a nicely coloured illustration by Pat Ortega. Info
>good and up to date, and the format is superb. In the covering letter,
>Steve says that there will be new sets bought out to cover new
>dinosaurs (he unfortunately misspelt _Carcharodontosaurus_ though). I
>heartily recommend and, Steve, do I get commission?:)

Hey all,

Just a blurb about the game Dino Hunt. I purchased the "Demo Hunt" $6 game
over the www to preview it. The idea is that you are collecting dinos for a
dinosaur zoo or park, and moving around with a time machine.

The artwork and the facts for the game are great. SJ really did it right by
us. I really like the idea that you can only "hunt" dinosaurs by period- so
if you beam your time machine to the Late Jurrasic, you can only hunt Late
Jurassic dinosaurs.

The rules are pretty easy and no wondering what the action of a card is
supposed do to you (a problem I had trying to play Magic). It is mostly a
kid's game, and was slightly amusing to me. Maybe boosters for adults with
more difficult twists can supplement?

My only gripe is the price. It's $30 for something like 100 cards. I'm not
sure if that price for a kid's game will sell. (To give you a comparison, a
Magic starter kit is $20).