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Re: Dino Art

 From: Robert J Meyerson <meyersrt@uwec.edu> (Rob Meyerson)
>  > Does anyone know about the state of angiosperm development in the Late
>  >  Cretaceous?

Stan Friesen wrote:
> However, the evidecne seems to be that in most habitats conifers and
> ginkgos were still the dominant trees, with the angiosperms being mostly
> successional or seral or arid zone species.

yes, Rob...
Ginkgos turn screaming yellow in the fall, so yellow would be quite
possible.  I won't swear to it, but I think Wm Stout may have done
something in that stylish DINOSAURS book he illustrated all that long
time ago (but if memory serves me, it was a single leaf in an oriental
wood engraving-style illustration)

-Betty Cunningham