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Re: Tripodal Sauropods (was RE: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?)

Peter Buchholz wrote:

> (like Brachiosaurs or Camarasaurs), but still the energy
> requirements would be minimal, unless of course you're advocating
> that they would rear, eat for a minute, go back on all fours, rear,
> eat for a couple of minutes, go back on all fours and so on, which
> is kind of silly.

     That may have been inevitable.  If a diplodocid reared up and ate 
everything it could reach, how long before it stripped the tree of 
all the foliage at that exact height?  It would have to drop down again 
and move to a new tree before very long. 

> You seem to forget that on average most Diplodocoids (Diplodicids +
> Dicraeosaurids) were five to fifteen times the mass of their largest
> prdators and that they carried hefty thumb claws that could easily
> have impaled an attacking Allosaur.

     Those thumb claws were not that large, even relative to the size of 
an allosaur, and don't looke especially sharp to me.  The crush factor 
would be pretty significant, but I don't see diplodocids or dicraeosaurs 
"impaling" anything.

LN Jeff
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