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RE: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs? [joke]

Stan Friesen wrote:

> Why bother - just bring the front feet down on top of the nasty
> little allosaur! Really, given the large size disparity, the front
> feet of a rearing diplodocid would be higher than the back of any
> known allosaur.
> In fact, this may well have been a more effective defense mode for
> a thin-tailed Diplodocus than using its tail anyway.

They were like prairie dogs, with one standing on it's hind legs all the   
time as a lookout, that would be the one that stepped on all the   
I bet they barked, too!
Didn't we have someone a while ago indicating the tests he had made for   
the hole-dwelling sauropods, with research with models!?!?!?!? !
Diplododicus towns, now I see it!

(too much coffee this morning, that's it)