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Dino book review request

     I got a blurb in the mail the other day from Columbia University Press
advertising, among other things, "The Evolution and Extinction of the
Dinosaurs" by Fastovsky and Weishampel.  I'm interested in purchasing it
but I've learned to always examine a dinosaur book--any book, even by such
well-known authors--before I buy it.  However I can't find a copy of it
either in my school's library (no surprise there) or at Barnes & Noble.
     Anyway, I was wondering if anyone on the list is familiar with it, and
if so, whether they recommend it or not.  Please reply off-list (unless our
esteemed moderator thinks it's worthy of the list).
    Thanks in advance.

[Sorry to intrude, but I thought I'd mention I've seen it in every
 Border's in which I've looked for it.  And as for reviews I haven't
 heard anything bad about it, but I've heard a lot of good things
 about it. -- MR ]

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