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RE: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?

Rob Meyerson wrote:

>  where it will be more stable.  This posture would place the CG so
>  high, that it would have to constantly correct itself to keep from
>  falling over.  All this would use up a lot of energy.

     It might have solved this by bracing itself by placing its forlembs 
against the tree.  

>  90' diplodicus reared up would have it's head at the very tops of the
>  pines, and there isn't that much foliage available for consumption).

      No one has any idea how tall trees got to be in Morrison 
times.  The plant fossils just aren't that good.  By the way, about high 
high was Brachiosaurus's head above the ground, even if it wasn't rearing?  

LN Jeff