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Re: Tripodal Sauropods

Rob Meyerson wrote:

> These guys are built like dinosaurian giraffes and wouldn't need to rear to
>  feed, since their head would already be at a high level.

     That may be true for Brachiosaurus, with forelimbs longer than the 
hindlimbs and a neck that is held more or less vertically.  Diplodocids 
had forelimbs shorter than the hind limbs, and necks that here held more 
or less horizontally when all four feet were on the ground.  This is a 
difficult to design to understand for a "giraffe" equivalent, unless you 
either the animal was feeding tripodally or doing the "vacuum cleaner" thing.

> Unless the Allosaur attacked from behind, where the animal would be the most
>  vulnerable.  If the diplodicid were to fall on the Allosaur, it would end
>  up on it's back, and unfortunate position; not to mention painfull, as it
>  would break a rib or two in the fall.

     "Hey allosaur...CATCH MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

LN Jeff