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endangered sites list (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 16:45:40 -0500
Reply-To: Taphonomy and Other Fossil Preservation Issues
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From: "H. Richard Lane" <hrlane@AMOCO.COM>
Subject: Endangered Fossil Sites List
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               International Palaeontological Association
                  List of Endangered Fossil Sites

          Fossil sites of great importance are endangered around the world
     for numerous reasons.  Some are being exploited by
     collectors/merchants, others are being used as waste dumps and still
     others are being obliterated by the encroachment of man and his
     activities.  Little can be done to mitigate the problem if the
     endangered fossil sites are not made known to the public at large.
     Knowledge is power and until we as paleontologists have a full listing
     of those endangered sites, we can take very little coordinated action
     to ameliorate the problem.  The International Palaeontological
     Association (IUGS) wishes to assemble a catalogue of worldwide
     endangered fossil sites, including specific information about their
     location, conditions, problems, their potential/actual loss to science
     and mankind and other pertinent information.  The IPA is asking those
     concerned to fill out the following form and return it as per

     For the IPA,

     H. Richard Lane                                D. L. Bruton
     Amoco Corporation                              Secretary General, IPA
     P. O. Box 3092, Rm. 786W3                      Geoscience Department
     Houston, Texas 77253                           University of Oslo
     FAX 713-366-7416 or 713-432-0139               Oslo, Norway
     Ph.  713-366-4156                              d.l.bruton@toyen.uio.no
     E-mail:  hrlane@amoco.com

                International Palaeontological Association

     Please answer the questions below and e-mail to
     verda_m_kenworthy@amoco.com, or fax to "Attention Verda Kenworthy"
     713-3667416, or mail to Verda M. Kenworthy Amoco Corporation, P. O.
     Box 3092, Room 784W3, Houston TX 77253 USA.

     Name of endangered site:

     Location of endangered site (Country, Province, specific location,

     Nature of the site (age, fossils, paleoenvironment, etc.):

     Value of the site to science and mankind:

     Current problems faced by the site:

     Current actions being taken to save the site:

     Legal/publicity actions that need to be taken:

     Urgency of the situation:

     Pictures, other documentation appended?    Yes______,   No________

     Name, address, phone/fax, and e-mail adress of reporter:

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell,                          bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
Dept of Geology,                                off: (718) 997-3332
Queens College, City University of New York,    fax: (718) 997-3299
Dept of Earth \& Environmental Sciences,        fax: (718) 997-3349
The Graduate Center, CUNY,                      fax: (718) 997-3513
Flushing, NY 11367-1597                         messages: (718) 997-3300