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Re: Tripodal Sauropods

This one may put me over the message-limit for today.  If so, put it
on my tab.

Jeffery Martz writes,

>> These guys are built like dinosaurian giraffes and wouldn't need to rear to
>>  feed, since their head would already be at a high level.
>     That may be true for Brachiosaurus, with forelimbs longer than the 
>hindlimbs and a neck that is held more or less vertically.  Diplodocids 
>had forelimbs shorter than the hind limbs, and necks that here held more 
>or less horizontally when all four feet were on the ground.

Actually, the neck of Diplo is remarkably flexible for its length.  I
have a hunch that the diplodicids got longer for the same reason that
camarasaurids got bigger, they both get a better reach far more
efficiently then they would by rearing.

>> Unless the Allosaur attacked from behind, where the animal would be the most
>>  vulnerable.  If the diplodicid were to fall on the Allosaur, it would end
>>  up on it's back, and unfortunate position; not to mention painfull, as it
>>  would break a rib or two in the fall.
>     "Hey allosaur...CATCH MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

Yeah, if an allosaur were to play spotter for a diplodicus, it would
*become* the spot!

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"If anything is going to go wrong, it'll happen at maximum velocity."
                        -Red Green