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Re: Mysteriasaur?

> Date: Friday, 18 October, 1996 3.16 PM
> On my last visit to the American Museum of Natural History I saw
> displayed that really intrigued me.  Shoved off in the corner of the
> exhibit were two fossilized forearms mouted on the wall that look
> remarkably like T. Rex forearms except they were HUGE!

        Since everyone is probably out of town at SVP except for me :-(, I guess
I'll tackle this one.

        It sounds like you saw _Deinocheirus mirificus_.  I do remember that
specimen being off in a corner the last time I was at AMNH.  The specimen
was found by the Polish-Mongolian expeditions to the Gobi in the late '60s.
 Nothing but the arms of the skeleton were recovered, and no other material
has been found subsequently.
        The material is Campanian-Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous).  Osmolska and
Roniewicz wrote the original paper on the specimen, and they considered it
to be a new family within the Carnosauria.  It was later suggested that the
animal was more closely related to ornithomimids, but anatomical details
make this uncertain.  In any case, it's probably not closely related to
_Tyrannosaurus rex_.

        Hope this helps.