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Re: Feathers? The fossils say yes!

> be feathers! It is truly an incredible fossil. The feathers run, as noted,
> from the back of the neck down toward the tail, and are distributed in a
> sort of patchy manner- in little clumps- up and down the top and bottom of
> the tail.

     Is this natural, or could it be due to deterioration of the carcass
after death?

> There is also another of these, but it did not appear to
> have any trace of the feathers (although it seems likely that closer
> inspection could reveal otherwise).

     I wonder if this difference might have any bearing on the lack of
_Copsognathus_ feather impressions from Solnholfen.
     Whoever mentioned the juvenile dromeosaur with skin impressions:
Does it have feathers or scales?  Most of the theropod
skin impressions I have heared of seem to show scaley skin (with
the apparent exceptions of _Paleocanimimus_ and _Sinosauropteryx_), and this
would seem to caution even more against liberally assigning
feathers to theropods in general.
     Could someone give a listing of all the theropod skin impressions
they know of that clearly show scaley skin?

LN Jeff
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