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Re: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?

> Even if they weren't at the very tops of the trees, conifers (as well as
>  most trees, now that I think about it) have an annoying habit of
>  becoming rather sparse near the very top.  In terms of plant volume,
>  Diplo would be better off staying planted (no pun intended) on the ground.

But all the redwoods I've ever seen (dawn, giganticus, and coastal) are
ALL, very single one of
them, the exact opposite, being bare all allong the trunk of an adult tree
till you get to the
top fifth of tree.  Except that lil' ol' baby trees of 20-30 feet are
regularily branched along
their trunk surface.  So what kind of conifers are we talking about here,
and what kinda growth
habits did they have?

Betty Cunningham