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CG in rearing sauropods

Regarding the comments made about rearing sauropods having to constantly
correct their balance if their CG was high, surely that is not the point.
The question is - when reared to an upright (or nearly upright, or whatever
people have in mind) does the vertical line through the CG then fall within
the balance tripod of tail and rear legs. If so, then in that position the
animal is stable and doesn't need to continually adjust balance. Given the
length of the tail and the size (including length) of the rear legs relative
to the torso, it seems reasonable that the balance tripod area would be
significant, and more than likely the CG, however high it was, would fall
within this area. The only time balance would be a problem would be during
rearing (until the CG came within the tripod area) and coming down to all
fours again (if they did). Granted, the higher the CG the more energy would
be required for the initial push to get upright, but that is a different
question entirely.
Graeme Worth