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Re: respiratory turbinates revisited

I will probably have to repeat this til the day I switch to a cyber system
since no one seems to want to accept this fact.
But here it is again.

Overheating is not, I repeat NOT, a critical problem for giants with high
metabolic rates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because their mass specific metabolism is so low, they heat up slowly.
Becauue their surface area/mass ratio is low, they pick up environmental heat
slowly. Because they are so massive, they can store vast amounts of heat with
only modest increases in body temperature. Large tropical mammals simply
store their body heat in the daytime, and dump it at night. This is why only
big birds and mammals can stay exposed to the sun even at midday - and why
the giant elephants of the Namib desert have been seen miles from shade at
noon with air temp over 100F. There is a vast body of literature on this
effect, starting with Schmidt-Nielsen's seminal work on the camel in 1957,
and many experiments by Taylor.

Please, please read the literature before repeating this old spouses' tale.

Why too overheated,