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Thick-headed abelisaurs

Nick Longrich wrote:

>         Majungatholus (presumed Madagascan pachycephalosaur) turns out to be
> the same thing as a Majungasaurus. Majungasaurus, it has been found, is
> actually a theropod- and not just any theropod, an *abelisaur* as a matter
> of fact! A bone-headed abelisaur.

Actually, this may not be so unusual.  Two abelisaurs are already
known to have thickened cranial elements - _Carnotaurus_ and
_Indosaurus_.  In _Carnotaurus_ the frontal elements were developed
as pointy horns; in _Indosaurus_, the bulging frontals may represent
the bases of horn cores.  This could also be the case with

Just thought I'd throw that in.  Fascinating stuff on _Spinosaurus_
and the sickle-clawed bird.

Tim Williams