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Ranger Rick's Rhamphorhynchus

I would like to ask at least one member of this list to go and find
themselves a copy of "Ranger Rick's Dinosaur Book."  It was published in 1984
by the National Wildlife Federation.  In the Pterosaur section (two pages)
there is a photograph of a Rhamphorhynchus specimen with very clear wing
impressions that show the femur on the left side of the animal (I believe the
animal is on its back, so it is its right femur) is 95% free of the wing
membrane.  The wing membrane is not torn and is in presumably perfect
condition.  So, I would suspect that the femur was NOT an integral part of
the wing in this animal.  Please someone go out and get a hold of this book
and look at the picture and tell everyone on the list that I am not loosing
my mind, and that there is in fact a Rhamphorhynchus specimen with at least
95% of its femur free of the wing membrane.  I don't like telling people to
go look in a children's book for this thing; I feel kind of silly, but it
is the only place I've
ever seen this thing.  Please go look in this book and look at the picture
before saying, "There are no specimens like this!  You are insane!"

Peter Buchholz

Los Angeles loves love.