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SVP conference (was: Re: Raptors and Stuff)

Nick Longrich wrote:

>         Aforementioned freaky, hairy person gave a very good lecture on how
> Allosaurus is a sabre-tooth, citing the fact that it has a simply massive
> jaw articulation allowing the jaw to be opened to great distances, muscle
> articulation so as to allow this opening, and muscle attachments with the
> neck that allow a powerful downward slash with the upper jaw to be
> inflicted, using the tooth rows on the upper jaw to create two giant
> slashing blades. He compared the animal to the saber-toothed cats in the
> muscle attachment and jaw joints.

And an intriguing lecture it was, too -- but you've left out the single
most astonishing event of the conference, and one which took place
during the very presentation of which you speak.

Bakker actually (believe it or not) referred to (wait for it; drum roll
please) _Apatosaurus_.  By name!  He did go on to talk about
"brontosaurs" a minute or two later, but the damage was already done.  I
was amazed that there was no collective gasp of shock from the audience;
judging from conversations later that evening, a lot of people didn't
even pick it up at the time.

Be warned: this is probably one of the early signs of the Apocalypse.
I'm pretty sure Nostradamus mentioned it somewhere.

On a subject of more serious note, I ambushed Phil Currie and got a peek
at The Photograph. All I can say is that if that little dinosaur doesn't
have some kind of furry proto-feathers along its back, I'll eat my
brand-new _Monolophosaurus_ t-shirt.  There are also peculiar dark
patches around the gut and the eye socket of the specimen which look
rather interesting, though I'll hold off speculation until the thing's
been studied a bit more.

The sleepless nights getting work done early so I could get to NYC for
the SVP conference were well worth it. What an experience!  Hope the
rest of those present had as much fun as I did.

-Daniel Lipkowitz

-desperately seeking grad school-

(so, who else wants to see the full CGI animated sequence of that
theropod foot sinking into virtual mud?)