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Re: SVP conference (was: Re: Raptors and Stuff)

Daniel Lipkowitz wrote:

> Bakker actually (believe it or not) referred to (wait for it; drum roll
> please) _Apatosaurus_.  By name!  He did go on to talk about
> "brontosaurs" a minute or two later, but the damage was already done.

Of course, Bakker will have the last laugh if the type specimen for
_Apatosaurus ajax_, a juvenile specimen, turns out NOT to be
diagnosable at the species level.  Then _Brontosaurus_ will have to
be resurrected, courtesy of _Apatosaurus (=Brontosaurus) excelsus_.

> All I can say is that if that little dinosaur doesn't
> have some kind of furry proto-feathers along its back, I'll eat my
> brand-new _Monolophosaurus_ t-shirt.  There are also peculiar dark
> patches around the gut and the eye socket of the specimen which look
> rather interesting.

I'm not so surprised.  After the 14-hour flight from Australia to the
United States I have dark patches around my eyes too.

Tim Williams