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CG and biped balance

On Monday, October 21, Nick Longrich wrote that the CG in a human male
is in the chest.

I'm no expert, but that didn't seem right.  My neck and head seem
awfully short and light, compared to my abdomen and legs.  Lying across
a hassock showed my CG to be near my navel.

It seems that the human CG is lower than the chest.  Still, it takes
children several years to learn not to keep falling on their faces.

I find the abundance of biped dinosaurs more remarkable than the idea
that some quadrupeds stood like goats to eat leaves.  Humans need
teamwork and ingenuity to catch a goat in a pasture, and who can outrun
a dog?

In our world, quadrupeds are faster and more agile.  It seems this
wasn't always the case.  Is that peculiar?