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Sinosauropteryx picture now on-line

Come one, come all, to the greatest spectacle on earth!  A feathered

   _Sinosauropteryx prima_, mister excitement himself, can be seen in all his
downy glory on Dinosauria On-Line.  Just take a trip to
http://www.dinosauria.com and follow the signposts!

   It is not as detailed as I'd hoped, but you can clearly see a black streak
running from head to tail.  SOMETHING was preserved, no question about it.
Special thanks to the gentlemanly gentleman who sent the image.  If he wants
public adulation and love he can say howdy.

[Oops! - Given the claim that pictures of this beast have supposedly been
"banned", do you or the person who sent the image have permission to
display it? - Chris]

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