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RE: Bipedal apatosaurs and stegosaurs?

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Rob Meyerson wrote:

>  Also, you
> will note that the extant animal species that you note as rearing are those
> that do so under special circumstances (rearing is a fighting stance in
> bear, and a tree-toppling stance for elephants).  IF diplodicids did rear,
> it would be under similarly unusual conditions.
         Bears and elephant shave a weight distribution that is NOTHING
like that of sauropods, let alone diplodocids! Most mammals carry most of
their weight on the forelimbs.

Alexander's figures on weight distribution in a couple of dinosaurs:

percent of body weight on hindlimbs:
        Diplodocus: 78%

        Stegosaurus: 82%

>From "Dynamics of Dinosaurs and Extinct Giants". While the BMNH models
used are not perfect, this will give you a rough idea of how these animals
are built. I have built a Stegosaurus based on Greg Paul's illustrations,
and I can assure you that it does indeed bear the overwhelming majority of
the weight on the hindlimbs, although I have not measured it as has
Alexander. This model has the most curious tendency to fall over
backwards, incidentally, and is what persuaded me that Bakker's arguments
for rearing stegosaurs are in fact correct.