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Gauthier's paper

Dear members of lists:
        Could anyone tell if there is an address or home page in where I
can find the Gauthier's 1987 paper, which is part of a special volume of
the California Academy of Aciencies (Memoirs of the California Academy of
Sciencies Number 8) on "The Origin of Birds and the Evolution of Flight",
edited by Kevin Padian. (Gauthier, J. 1987. Saurischian monophyly and the
origin of birds. Memoirs of the California Academy of Sciences 8: 1-55.)?

        I thank you very much before hand for your help.  I really need
that paper.


                                                Josue Ramirez-Romero.

Josue Ramirez Romero.
Licenciatura en Biologia.
Universidad de las Americas-Puebla