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PhD offer in Iowa

Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 09:48:53 +0930
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Subject: PhD offer in Iowa
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From: dgrocke@botany.adelaide.edu.au (Darren R. Gröcke )
Subject: PhD offer in Iowa

Dear Dinosaurers

Although I have not been a subscriber to your list for some time now I am
still in touch with research on the Cretaceous and its palaeoenvironment. I
received an email from another list entitled, "ISOGEOCHEM" and I thought
there may be someone on this list who may be interested in this project or
know of someone who is interested.

Hope your dinosaur discoveries still keep on coming, including many more
avi-dinosaurs !!!

> Ph.D. Research Assistantship in Diagenesis/Geochemistry at University
>     of Iowa
>     Applications are invited from prospective Ph.D. students in either
>     geology or geochemistry for a three-year 12-month Research
>     Assistantship (first year stipend at $18K) to work on an
>     interdisciplinary project that deals with paleoclimatic
>     reconstructions along the eastern margin of the Cretaceous North
>     American Western Interior Basin  This study will involve integration
>     of stable isotopic and sequence stratigraphic interpretations of
>     strata between Kansas and Manitoba-Saskatchewan.  The Research
>     Assistant chosen will work on diagenetic and geochemical aspects of
>     this project and develop a Ph.D. dissertation from this work.
>     The principal investigators (R.L. Brenner, L.A. Gonzalez, G.A.
>     Ludvigson, and B.J. Witzke) will be discussing preliminary results
>     from this project in the form of 2 oral presentations and 2 poster
>     presentations at the G.S.A. meeting in Denver on October 28 and 29,
>     1996.  If you are attending the meeting and wish to discuss this
>     opportunity, you can find us at Poster Booth 31 on Monday morning and
>     Poster Booth 75 on Tuesday morning.  Oral presentations are in room
>     CCC:A205 on Monday at 11:00 am and 1:30 pm.  We will be staying at the
>     Adams Mark Hotel and welcome inquires, especially at our poster
>     sessions.
>     Although the specific focus of the student's thesis project will be of
>     his/her choosing, we are seeking a scientist with training and
>     interest in geochemical techniques.
>     For more information and application forms, contact:
>     Dr. Robert L. Brenner
>     Department of Geology
>     The University of Iowa
>     Iowa City, IA 52242-1379 USA
>     e-mail: rlbrennr@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu Phone: 1-319-335-1829
>     FAX: 1-319-335-1821



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The University of Adelaide
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