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Dodson's Ceratop(s)ian Book

>From  _Science News_, Vol. 150, No. 16, 16 October 1966:

_The Horned Dinosaurs: A Natural History_ -- Peter Dodson. Princeton U Pr,
1996, 346 p., color plates and b&w illus.,
hardcover, $35.00.

"Incredibly comprehensive in scope, this text surveys the anatomy, biology,
and geography of _Triceratops_ -- one of the
last dinosaurs to walk Earth -- and its horned, rhinoceroslike ceratopsian
relatives. Methods of defense are outlined, as are
other controversial issues, including posture, gait, footprints, diet,
sexual dimorphism, and the cause of the dinosaurs'

Shipping & Handling: $2.00. Domestic orders only (sorry!) (Hey, I don't
make the rules!).

Available from:

        Science News Books
        1719 N Street, NW
        Washington, DC 20036
        Phone: 202-331-9653
        Fax: 202-785-1242

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