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Re: Ranger Rick's Rhamphorhynchus

Rachel wrote:
>> Other specimens of Rhamphorynchus, and all pterosaurs
in general, support the broad-winged setup.<<

Ahh, not so fast.  Take the Zittel wing and add a body to it and you'll see
something amazing.  The wings of _Rhamphorhynchus_ may not even reach the
proximal parts of the hind leg and they are very restricted in the vicinity
of the elbow. And that's not all. Take a strict and conservative
interpretation of the Vienna Pterodactylus and you'll see a similar pattern
with an addendum back to mid-thigh.

Broad-winged and uropatagium encumbered Sordes may represent the generalized
ancestor -- or it may represent a specialized Late Jurassic form.  We need
more specimens!

So far the score is 1 for the broad wings. 2 for the narrows.

David Peters