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Enantiornithine Braincases

Does anyone know if any Enantiornithine birds are preserved in a good enough
condition to see the detailed skull anatomy?  Specifically I am wondering
about the
presence (or absence) of the derived ornithuran V1 nerve pathway that is in
all ornithurans and some theropods.  Also, did Whitmar and (can't remember
the name....) touch on the V1 nerve pathway at the SVP when discussing the
new Deinonychus remains?

One other thing..... how big is the sickle claw in the new sickle clawed bird
from Madagascar mentioned in a post a couple of days ago?  Is it proportional
in size to something like Deinonychus or Velociraptor; or was it smaller like
in Dromeosaurus (or even like in Archaeopteryx)?

Peter "Thinking up strange new cladograms" Buchholz

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